Home: A House that brings Smile on someone's face

A house is a mere construction of four walls and a roof. A construction made of brick and mortar with artificial colors embellishing the walls of it. A gamut of designer equipment adorning the interiors and many other accessories adding to its beauty decide the superficial beauty of a house. But… do you know that a house has a breath too? Do you know that it has a life too? Do you know it has eyes, ears, mouth, and all other organs which a human body possesses? 

Yes. It does have all these organs but only when it turns into a home. It turns into a home when PEOPLE start living in it. It turns into a home when a child is born to a happy couple living in it and giggles of the child's laughter fills the air with euphoria. It transforms into a home when a student living in it qualifies in the IIT entrance test and the parents are proud. It gets transformed into a home when a daughter gets married to the desired groom the parents had always dreamt of. It turns into a home when the son of a house brings home a beautiful bride and the parents are full of happiness to the brim. A house turns into a home when there is a wave of melancholy around when a grandfather dies of age, and everyone is sad.

The fact is that a home is an extension of a house in terms of a soul being injected into the body called house. While a house is a non-living thing, a home is a house full of life; full of laughter, merriment, pride, achievement, sadness and what not. Making a house a home requires a lot of perseverance of its residents. They need to inject a sense of belongingness into the body called house. And when the bread-earner of the house comes back from a monotonous and menial day of work from office and enters it, and he smiles; he realizes that he is home. A perfect home brings a wide smile on everyone's face. It may sometimes bring sadness as well. But the crux is it gives a vent to the emotions of the residents.

The fact that life is full of happiness and melancholy impacts the state of the home too. A home is a body with a soul. It is a beautiful child, a young bride, a proud parent, a successful son, an ailing grandfather, a son returning from war.

Thus, a home is a house that brings a smile on someone's face. Sometimes a smile and sometimes tears. But it is alive no doubt in that. It gives a space to its inhabitants to live life to the fullest and a chance to express their emotions without any inhibitions. 

"We provide you a Home called a house. We construct houses because it needs materials but when we hand over them to you and see a smile on your faces; that moment defines the transformation of a house into a home. After all a house that brings smile on your face is a home."